The Message of Salvation in Satan's Territory

Hi, my name is Rev. Frankie Johnson and I serve as the Director of the Calvary Prison Ministry Team.  We faithfully present the gospel and minister to inmates in prison facilities all over the State of Florida and the Southeastern U.S.  By sharing God's love to incarcerated men & women with little or no hope, we have seen countless lives transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit.  We believe if prisoners can learn to love God, they will begin to love themselves and others.  The message of salvation through Jesus Christ is what enables them to be reintegrated into society as loving and productive citizens better prepared for a second chance at life.  Your prayers and support are vital to meet the expenses and overcome the challenges this ministry must face on a regular basis.  Thank you for your considerations and may the Lord bless you.

       Rev. Frankie Johnson & the Calvary Prison Ministry Team

The funding you provide to CPM goes towards; Travel, Music/Sound Equipment & Ministry Support Expenses.  

Calvary Prison Ministry Team

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Calvary Prison Ministry - P.O. Box 6075 - Clearwater, FL 33758 - 727.518.5906 or 727.462.2566

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