Lisa Kappeler


Hi, my name is Lisa Kappeler and I serve as an NTM Church Planting Missionary in Wabuku, Papua New Guinea.  It is my goal to present the gospel to the Uriai people in a newly developed written language that they can understand and share with others in their region.  Your prayers and support are vital to bringing the word of God to remote areas like these.  Thank you for your considerations and may the Lord bless you.


The funding you provide through NTM goes towards Ministry Expenses, Benefits and Taxes and Personal Expenses.  

All NTM missionaries are personally responsible for the costs relating to their ministry.  These expenses include ministry-related travel expenses, (transportation fees, passports, visa, vaccinations, etc.) equipment and supplies required for their ministry (computers, printers, software, books & office supplies) Communication expenses (telephone, internet, postage & printing) field safety and administrative fees, tribal team expenses (airstrip maintenance, motors, fuel & clinic supplies).

Missionary benefits and taxes include many costs that would normally be borne or underwritten by an employer.  For instance, missionaries must pay twice as much into Social Security as the typical US employee because they are paying both the employee and employer share.  They must also fund their retirement plans entirely on their own and pay the entire costs of their medical, dental and life insurance premiums.

Personal expenses are typical to the expenses any US family has - groceries, clothing, rent, vehicle expenses & household expenses.  Flight costs in and out of tribal areas as well as shipping costs for food and household supplies would also fall into this category.

When you help a missionary with their required support levels, you help equip them for effective ministry.

Lisa Kappeler - New Tribes Mission - 1000 E. First St. - Sanford, FL 32771