My Story


My Story:  Hi, my name is Peter Vasusky and I oversee charity Fun(d) Raising events for various Missions/Ministries all around the world.  I have been a Christian since 1983 but suffered from a lack of vision and direction for the majority of my Christian Life.  In the Fall of 2006, I signed up for (and graduated from) a Missionary Training Course (Life Training School) where I learned a great deal concerning a "purpose driven life of significance" and experienced a deep & intimate knowledge of God that had been missing from my "walk with the Lord".  After graduation, I spend a great deal of time in prayer and reflection to try and understand my God-given purpose as it related to International Mission service.  I never felt it was my calling to go overseas for long period of time (phew!) but I felt led to spend more time with various Missionaries to understand what gifts and attitudes make for a blessed life of total sacrifice in the Mission Field.  What I learned over the next four months of observation and dialogue with some of the nicest individuals I have ever met was that a good Missionary is both humble and reserved, not proud or haughty but willing to listen to Lord and follow His guidance and will regardless of the personal sacrifices involved.  I also learned that Mission work needs constant funding and prayer.  How then, could a truly humble and non-assuming individual promote their ministry effectively?  Answer is; most can't/won't/don't.  The Lord touched my heart to raise funds for, promote individual missions and create events that would encompass; fun, fellowship, and friendly competition with people of all faiths (or lack thereof) and backgrounds.  It was during a golf outing with my LTS teacher, John Van Heerden that the concept of "Tournaments for Testimonies" was born.

  John knew that I had a heart for missions and was trying to help me find my direction.  Somewhere around the 3rd hole (par 3, 186 yards), I mentioned...almost jesting, "Why don't I try and set up a charity Golf Tournament for I.G.O.?  Perhaps, if we keep the donation amount low, people might come out for a good cause and I can distribute the ministry literature you gave me to hand out".  John thought this was an excellent idea (glory to God) but envisioned hundreds of participants, media coverage and professional player endorsements.  I, on the other hand, saw this concept as a chance for an intimate gathering of friends (and friends of friends) having a chance to get-2-gether, meet new friends and share a time of friendly competition for a good cause.  I made up a list of missionaries that I had met and started to organize various Fun(d) Raising events scheduling two tournaments every month.  At first, the events included; Bowling, Darts, Billiards, Mini-Golf, Go-carts, Tennis, Bat-Bat, Pinball, Fishing, Horseshoes & Monopoly.  These tournaments enjoyed modest success over the next year and a half but the problem I was having related to how I should go about promoting these various activities.  I would explain to people I met, that I held tournaments for missionaries but found that not everyone was interested in being invited to events that they had no interest (or ability) to compete in.  My invitation list was overloaded with foot notes reminding me that "Jim", enjoyed Bowling and Darts but couldn't play Tennis, wasn't interested in Fishing and could care less about Pinball & Horseshoes.  In order to "tidy-up" my invitation list, I decided to stick to just one activity, Golf.  After all, the golf tournaments were always a lot of fun, got the best response and was the one event that allowed individuals to spend more time with each other.  Spending two and a half hours sitting next to someone in a golf cart was a better way to develop a new friendship rather than a quick game of Darts or Pinball.  In the beginning of 2008, I made a list of all the public courses in the Tampa Bay area and matched up ministries to courses. I also decided to keep Mini-Golf on the list so that I have at least one event for those who do not golf (seriously). 

  Even though this "ministry" is best suited for individuals who already play golf, it is my desire to include a few basic courses (St. Andrews and Pinecrest) for those who may wish to learn how to play golf and aren't quite ready for a par-72 course.  If you are visiting this web site for the 1st time, I would like to begin by thanking you for your interest and would encourage you to come-on-out and compete with some very nice individuals.  Also, I need your help to spread the word to others about this "ministry".  Smaller, low-key tournaments are much easier to administrate and organize but who knows, perhaps someday we will come closer to John Van Heerden's vision of hundreds of golfers, media coverage and well-known celebrity participation.  :)        

  For His Glory,

Peter Vasusky