What to expect: Expect to have a good time and meet some friendly, interesting people.  The combination of golfing for a good cause and the enjoyment of friendly competition (for a modest trophy) make for a great outing in a easy-pace, low-key atmosphere.  No one is going to check your bag for the appropriate # of clubs or measure the length of your shoe spikes, however, all tournaments must have some standard rules to abide by......

Sign-Up:  If you have submitted your name and e-mail address for regular invitations, expect to receive an e-mail invite (which you are encouraged to forward on to others who enjoy golfing) which gives details regarding the charity the tournament is for, course, location, (approx.) start time & donation recommendation.  These are usually sent out 6 days prior to the event with a deadline for sign-up on the Thursday before the tournament.  Specific tee times and group #'s are sent out the next day (Friday) along with comprehensive directions to the course.  If you have signed up to play but (for some reason) are unable to play on Sunday, please contact me before the official start so that I can inform the pro shop/starter of your absence.  It is my intention to maintain a good standing with the courses we play on by trying to keep no-show's to a minimum.  If you must withdraw from the tournament, a donation to the charity would still be appreciated.  If can't make the Sunday start time and don't inform anyone, a larger donation to the charity would be nice to avoid your next tournament RSVP being viewed with any skepticism.  :)

Walk-Ons:  In some cases, there may be an extra slot within the last group or a previous cancellation that would allow for a walk-on player to participate.  There are no guarantees that anyone who does not sign up by Thursday can play for the trophy.  You can still make a donation or even play within another group later but not having tournament players within your group (to attest your score) disqualifies your attempt for the trophy.

Late Arrival:   Players who RSVP on time but are late to the official start (in some cases) may join up with their original group (or last group, if there is an available slot) and will assume the score on missed holes according to another hole on the course with a similar hole length and/or handicap.  This procedure is determined/approved by the tournament organizer's discretion yet, there are no guarantees any allowances will be made for a late arrival/start.  This only applies to the 1st two holes on the front 9 and anyone missing by the start of the 3rd hole will be considered a no-show.

Mulligans & Gimmies:  Not allowed.  Errant tee shots must be played (See: Out of Bounds/Hazards).  Finish each hole, count every stroke.  No special rules regarding Men's shots that don't go past the Ladies tees. :)

Out of Bounds:  Obviously Out of Bounds - Please don't try to play shots out of people's yards or in a different fairway/tee/green.  Take a drop and count a stroke penalty.  Borderline Out of Bounds - If you can play the shot without trespassing on Private Property or getting in the way of other golfers on other holes, you may play the shot. 

Hazards:  Unretrievable - Any ball that lands in an area (Water/Woods) that cannot be retrieved should be considered a 1 stroke penalty. Take a drop and continue on.  Retrievable - A ball that goes into the woods or lands at the edge of the water that can be retrieved may be played after a drop without a stroke penalty.  Should you find someone else's ball in that area, you may play that one after a drop.  Please limit yourself to 2 minutes looking for a retrievable ball.  Natural Hazards such as trees and bushes must be played around.  Should a ball land on an Unnatural Hazard (such as cart path or bridge), the ball may be moved to an area that does not better your yardage.

Drops:  You may drop your ball up to one arm's length away from a hazards or out-of-bound marker.  Take the stroke penalty if it applies.

Tie-Breaker: If two (or more) players end up with the same score at the end of 18 holes, the tie-breaker procedure will be to take the original score of the 1st hole and apply it to the score as if the hole was being played again.  If scores on the 1st were identical, continue the tie-breaker procedure (2nd hole +) until a winner is determined.